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Health Course Information Sheets

2021-22:  Health and Wellness

Course Content:  Health is a state of well-being. Wellness is a process of becoming more mindful of the choices we make & behaviors we engage in. Health & Wellness will cover essential health topics & contemporary health issues affecting teens, including all of the required health education content & standards. This course is designed to support students in developing health literacy and positive health attitudes. Students will work through an effective wellness process in each of the content areas, including personal analysis of health influences & choices, identifying root causes of risky & healthy behaviors, & applying health enhancing skills. 

We will cover additional social & emotional topics, such as the science of well-being or positive psychology, neurological development, mindfulness, focus, happiness, optimism, resilience, flow, motivation, effective goal setting, perfectionism, failure, creativity, & empathetic communication. The overall goal of this course is to help students develop knowledge, attitudes, & skills to live a healthier, happier, more mindful & meaningful life.

2021-22:  Health Education

Course Description:  Health Education focuses on contemporary health issues affecting teens. This course is designed to support students in developing health literacy & positive health attitudes, comprehending essential health concepts, & practicing & promoting health enhancing behaviors. Students practice necessary skills, such as analyzing influences, accessing valid information, communication, decision making, goal setting & self management. Topics include personal & community health, mental, emotional & social health, nutrition & physical activity, alcohol, tobacco, & other drugs, injury prevention & safety, & growth, development, & sexual health.