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Each student must meet certain requirements to be eligible to participate in the athletic program. If a student participates without being eligible, the team will forfeit the games
in which the student competed
  • A student must be enrolled in the school and live within the boundaries of the district or have an interdistrict transfer. 
  • Mountain View High School and the State of California eligibility rule demands that all athletes must have a 2.0 GPA and pass 20 semester credits at the end of the previous grading period for his/her sport. The athlete must also be enrolled in 25 credits during his/her sport season. 
  • A student must fall within the prescribed age limit, which is no older than 19 years of age prior to June 15. In addition, to play Varsity Football, a student must be at least 15 years of age. 
  • A student may not join a school varsity team after the first league contest of that team if the student has competed on an outside team in the same sport during the school/league season of that sport. He/she becomes ineligible to compete on the high school team. The high school games in which the student participated after violation of this rule shall be forfeited. A student visiting from a foreign country may compete on a team only if he/she is part of an official exchange program and the necessary transfer papers have been approved and signed. Violation of these rules may result if forfeiture of the games in which the student participated. 
  • When a student transfers to Mountain View from another high school, all the necessary transfer papers must be approved and signed prior to participation. Violation of this rule may result in forfeiture of the games in which the student participated. Transfer form CIF – 214I is available from the Athletic Director.