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Mountain View High School

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Executive Board




2021-2022 PTSA Executive Board


President Jennifer Matus
Executive Vice President Cindy Zinn
Vice President of Volunteers Gina Estrada
Vice President of Membership Grace Chen
Vice President of Communication Lesley Lint
Secretary Karen Dillon
Treasurer Suzie Noel
Financial Secretary Paul Hammer
Auditor Dana Doctorow
Historian Laryssa Polika-Engle
Parliamentarian (appointed) Margaret Otto



Your feedback, ideas and input are welcome.  Contact Jennifer Matus at



Join the Ptsa board as auditor

Join the Ptsa board as auditor

Want to get involved and ensure good financial practices for our PTSA dollars?  Join the PTSA board as Auditor. This person will complete the audit process twice yearly and can attend all PTSA executive meetings. For more information on the role and responsibilities, email Cindy Zinn, Gina Estrada or Jen Matus. (It's super easy and well documented. And you will have lots of support from past auditors.)