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Grad Night 2020 FAQs

What is Grad Night?
Grad Night is an all-night party put on by senior parents (with some help from junior parents) to keep each graduating member of the senior class off the street and in a safe, alcohol, tobacco and drug-free environment while free to celebrate their achievements and enjoy one last class party with their friends and classmates.
When is it?
Friday, June 5, 2020. Graduating senior students are taken by bus immediately after the graduation ceremony to a secret location. (There is a brief reception and photo op for family and friends in the quad while the graduates change out of their robes and into their party clothes.)
Do students really like the Grad Night party?
Absolutely, year after year, student who attend Grad Night rave about how much fun it was and this year promises to deliver more of the same! For the past few years, more than 80% of graduating seniors have attended. The goal this year is 100%.
Is it a dance?
No. While the students may dance, Grad Night is a fun-filled night with all-night snacks, dinner, breakfast, beverages, sport activities, professional entertainment, facilitator-led activities and of course, a DJ. There will also be quiet activities for those who wish to be less active or take breaks from all the activities.
Do they have to dress up?
There is no need to purchase fancy party clothes; the party is very casual. Students may wear whatever is comfortable and allows movement to participate in various activities. Closed-toe shoes are recommended.
Does my student need a date?
Absolutely not. This is a party where each can participate at an individual comfort level, when and if the person chooses an activity. We make a full range of activities available, from quiet to strenuous, and not all activities are available all the time. So there is always something new to do. Or they may just choose to sit with friends to listen to the DJ, play quiet games or people watch.
Why is the location kept secret? Will the parents know the site in advance?
It's kept secret for two reasons: One is to keep the students guessing about the location, which adds to the adventure. The second (and more important reason) is to assure that  no contraband is brought in and no one attempts to gate crash. Only about five parents will know the site, and committee members will be informed on a need-to-know basis. Parents who volunteer to work at the party will, of course, be told, but probably not until June.
Is Grad Night really safe?
We are limited in our choices of vendors when choosing the site, and the transportation to assure tat the seniors will indeed be safe. We chose a site that can be monitored by facility security and volunteer parents throughout the night.
What does the admission price cover?
Admission covers the site rental cost, food, beverages and many activities, which include professional entertainment to keep the participants busy for the time they are there. We also provide safe, reliable transportation approved by the school district. The admission price does not reflect the entire cost. The Grad Night Committee fundraises to make up the difference--and to provide scholarships for those who would find the admission price a hardship.
Do they have to take money to the party for extras?
No, the admission price includes everything for every person. No extra charges. Nothing is available for purchase.
What if my family can't afford the admission?
Scholarships are available through the Grad Night Committee.
Why is the party so long?
The thinking has always been that when the graduates return to MVHS at around 5 a.m., they will be too tired to do much but return home to their beds.
Do parents have to pick them up after the party?
Each student will need transportation home from MVHS after grad night. This can be a parent or friend who will pick them up at around 5 a.m. Or students may leave a car in the MVHS parking lot. A security guard will be provided to ensure cars are safe after Graduation.
Can parents attend Grad Night or come to take pictures?
This is an event for the students to celebrate the beginning of their independent lives. We recruit only enough parents to assist in providing the necessary help in events and to provide security. Sorry, only parents who volunteer to work at the party are allowed to attend.