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Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal (via Zoom): 

Wednesday, June 2nd at 2:00 p.m - 3:00 p.m.

Graduation practice is required to participate in the Graduation Ceremony.  All seniors must register for the Graduation Rehearsal via Zoom at the link below.  Attendance will be taken and is mandatory to participate in the graduation ceremony itself.  Seniors need to notify employers or other community/family members in advance to rearrange schedules appropriately. 

Access a Recording of the Webinar HERE


View the Graduation Rehearsal Slide Deck HERE




    If you missed us on Thursday or Friday,  PTSA's Senior Celebration Box is

    still aviable for pick up in the MVHS Finance Office.  We are open

    weekdays from 8am - 4pm.  Come on by!




Senior Awards Night - Wednesday, May 26th

Senior Awards Night will be held in-person for seniors who are receiving community awards and scholarships.  Invitations were mailed and emailed to all Seniors who will be recognized at the event.  Due to COVID restrictions, family and friends will not be able to attend in person, but will be able to watch the event at the live-stream link below:




Senior Checkout - Tuesday, June 1st  

Before picking up your graduation Cap & Gown, you must complete the entire check out process on June 1st!

In-person checkout will be on campus in the Quad.

Last Name Alpha Breakdown for pickup time on June 1st     

                                 A-He    9:15 - 10:15am

                                 Hi-P    10:15 - 11:15am

                                 Q-Z     11:15 - 12:15pm

In order for seniors to be cleared to participate in Graduation, they must complete the checkout process. Checking out includes:

                        i  -returning all library materials, textbooks, Chromebooks, sports equipment

                        ii  -paying any outstanding fines or debts (letter mailed home 5/20/21)

                        iii  -completing the Senior Naviance Survey


Once cleared you will receive a checkout ticket to pickup your graduation cap & gown.  If you have not ordered a cap and gown, you must do so immediately with at (925) 283-9283 or If you would like to borrow a cap, gown, tassel, and medallion from MVHS, please complete this Cap and Gown Lending Form.

Seniors academically in-danger of graduation will not clear check-out until they complete their Long Form doc with teacher signatures confirming passing grades in classes needed to meet MVLA graduation requirements.


Senior Picnic - Thursday June 3rd                      scb

Picture ID required to board the bus.  School ID (any year) or government issued Drivers Liscense/ID card.  DO NOT bring a Passport.


Arrive to the front of MVHS to board buses on Truman Avenue by 8:45am.   

Charter Buses will leave Mountain View High School at 9am.  Dont be late! 

Make sure your permission slip (linked below) is submitted or you will NOT board the bus.  Buses will be held to 50% rider capacity.


Bring: swimsuit, towel, jacket, change of clothes (if you wish).                        

Parents/guardians! Complete the online permission form 


                                   English: or Spanish:

Students are not allowed to drive themselves. Any senior who drives themself to/from the picnic may not be allowed to participate in graduation activities. Any senior not attending Senior Picnic will be expected in his/her regular classes.


balloons         PTSA Grad Event!  Saturday June 5th 

You thought Prom was amazing? Just wait to see what MVHS PTSA has in store for this year's Grad Nite, renamed as.... Senior Celebration!  This event is sponsored by the PTSA, and is not a school-sponsored event.  Information about the Senior Celebration can be found at


You will receive confirmation of payment via email.  MVHS PTSA will email additional information/logistics to grads by June 2nd.  Still have questions, email Marilyn Stanley at  


dollar If you need financial assistance for any of these events mentioned, PTSA scholarships are available. Request can be submitted here.     


MVHS Senior Letter was mailed home to all familes on May 1st.  This letter hosts  A LOT of information regarding end of year Senior Activities.  Click here to view the Senior Letter   or   Senior Letter Espanol. 



PROM 2021  -- May 15, 2021



Picture of Cap & GownCap & Gowns, Grad Announcements & Other Specialty Grad Items Questions regarding Cap & Gown orders? Contact at (925) 283-9283 or

Dear Mountain View HS Class of 2021,
Congratulations on your impending Commencement! Be PROUD of your accomplishment! 
Believe it or not,  it is that time of the year to start preparing for the MVHS Graduation Ceremony in June this year. Part of this preparation is either purchasing or borrowing the Mountain View's official cap & gown unit for graduation which consists of: 
  • black cap
  • black gown
  • black and gold tassel & 
  • custom Mountain View HS graduation medallion 

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you already have a black cap & gown, that will work, but you still will need to purchase a 2021 tassel and the custom MVHS graduation medal.
Josten's is MVHS's official supplier for our school's Graduation items for MVHS students this year to order their caps, gowns, announcements, and other graduation items from. It's not too late to order! 
How to Get Your Cap & Gown:
1.  CLICK HERE. It contains information about purchasing caps and gowns, announcements, class rings, class apparel, and other items
2.  If you just want to purchase the basic cap, gown, tassel, and medallion, CLICK HERE.
3. If you already have a cap and gown from a friend or family member and you just need to order a tassel, CLICK HERE
4. If you would like to borrow a cap, gown, tassel, and medallion from MVHS, please complete this Google Form.  The borrowed cap, gown, tassel, and medallion will need to be returned before you receive your diploma.

Senior Portraits

Congratulations Class of 2021 entering your Senior year! 
MVHS Senior Portrait Flyer

Grad Images-MVHS Graduation Ceremony Photographers

Graduation Photo Order Button
Formal photography of your student and the ceremony is available from Gradimages. The company will automatically send you proofs. Their contact information is (800) 261-2576 or

Image of KMTV15 Silicon Valley MediaGraduation Ceremony Live Stream

KMVT15 will attend and live stream for families to view who are not attending the event. Please stay tuned for more information.