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Mountain View High School

Home of the Spartans

Welcome Freshman!

The MVHS Counseling Department is very excited to welcome you to our school.  We look forward to meeting with you and learning about your goals for the future.  Here are some activities we suggest that freshmen engage in so that they may start out on the right foot for high school:
  • Get on track for college – enroll in A-G required courses.  A-G courses are those required by the UC and CSU systems in order to be eligible for admission to their schools.  Many private and out-of-state colleges also have similar systems, so staying on track with your A-G courses will make you well prepared to apply to college when you're a senior. 
  • Do well in all of your classes.  If you're having trouble in a particular class, talk to your teacher and see what advice he or she might be able to give.  Also, check out the Tutorial Center, where student and adult tutors are available every period of the day for help.
  • Join a club, sport, musical group, or other activity.  Getting involved on campus is an important way to make new friends, develop skills, and learn more about yourself.
  • Participate in community service activities.  Community service is another excellent way to connect with other people with similar interests, develop new skills, and explore possible career interests.
  • Activate your Naviance Family Connection account on College Awareness Day.  Use it to explore careers, colleges, summer opportunities, scholarships, and more.
  • Investigate summer enrichment or work opportunities.
  • Enroll in summer school (if necessary) to make up any Ds or Fs you earned freshman year.  See your counselor for the required forms to make sure you stay on track for graduation and college admission.