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Mountain View High School

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Welcome Juniors!

The MVHS Counseling Department is proud to share our Handbook for Juniors, a guide designed to help 11th graders and their families prepare for the college application process.  We hope you find it helpful in navigating the process with the support of your counselor.
In addition, here are some suggested activities for your junior year that will help you prepare for a smooth senior year and for an exciting and fulfilling life after high school:
  • Stay on track for college – continue to enroll in A-G required courses.
  • Do well in all classes.  Remember that if you earn a D or an F, you will need to remediate that grade in summer school or in a future year in order to remain college eligible.
  • Challenge yourself by taking an AP/Honors course.Seek leadership opportunities in clubs, sports, musical groups, or other activities.
  • Continue community service work.
  • Take the PSAT in October – you may qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Competition. 
  • Register to take the SAT or ACT in the spring (March or later).
  • Register to take SAT Subject tests at the end of the year.  Although the UC system no longer requires them, they will still consider them, and many private schools will still require them.  If you are planning on taking subject tests, we recommend completing them in two different subjects.
  • Complete Game Plan survey in Naviance Family Connection.
  • Start researching post-graduation options in Naviance Family Connection.  Second semester is a great time to begin building your college list!
  • Visit colleges, if possible.  February Break, Spring Break, and summer vacation are all great times to check out colleges.  Ideally, try to visit when classes are in session so you can get a sense of the student body.
  • Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center if you plan to play a varsity sport in college.