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Welcome Seniors!

College Awareness Day materials are available now:  Essay WritingOnline Application Tips and TricksStress Management
Senior year is a busy time. Below are some guidelines to help you stay organized as you move toward graduation in June:
  • Stay on track for college – continue to enroll in A-G required courses.  
  • Do well in all of your senior year courses. Remember that poor senior year grades can cause college admission decisions to be rescinded.
  • Continue to take a rigorous academic schedule.  The Counseling Department advises that seniors take no fewer than five courses.  If you're aiming for a top-tier university, you'll want to make sure you have several challenging courses, including AP and Honors courses on your senior schedule.
  • Seek or continue leadership positions in clubs, sports, musical groups, or other activities.  As with classes, there should not be a drastic drop-off in your activities during your senior year.
  • Continue researching post-graduation options. These include 4-year colleges and universities, 2-year (community) colleges, trade schools, work, the military, and so on. 
  • Build your college list in Naviance Family Connection.  Make sure your email address is current and that you've linked your Common Application account to your Naviance Family Connection account.
  • If necessary, ask teachers for letters of recommendation – the earlier the better.  You'll typically need your counselor's recommendation, as well as 1-2 academic teacher recommendations.  See your teachers for specific requirements they have in order to complete your letters.
  • Apply to college:  You may apply to the CSU system from October 1 - November 30.  You may apply to the UC system from November 1 - November 30.  Many private schools use the Common Application, and deadlines will vary; check with each school to make sure you get your materials in on time.
  • Complete all college testing requirements (SATACT, subject tests) no later than December.  
  • Apply for scholarships and financial aid.  Get started earlier rather than later in order to maximize your access to money for college.
  • If you will be attending community college in the fall, apply for admission in May and sign up to take the appropriate placement tests.  Also, sign up to attend your college's orientation class, as this gives you some insight into services the school offers and often gives you access to priority registration.
  • Order final transcripts from the Registrar as part of Senior Check-out.  We recommend ordering an additional copy for yourself, just in case a future employer or scholarship requests it.