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Mountain View High School

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Teachers and students please drop by any time! You are also encouraged to get to know our tutors, many of whom are parents and volunteers from the community.
Volunteer Adult and Peer Tutors: The Tutorial Center has recruited 45 Peer Tutors and 75 Adult Tutors and those numbers are growing. Recruiting qualified volunteer tutors is an on-going process, and continues throughout the school year.  We recruit from industry, local colleges, and the greater community (including MVHS grads).  Teachers, please let me know if you are interested in having any of them speak to any of your classes, or assist you in other ways. 
Make-Up Tests: The Tutorial Center maintains make-up test files for teachers who request them.  Teachers may leave tests in the file for their students, and the tests will be proctored.  Signed yellow copies of attendance slips verify that the student has completed the test.  If you have not used this service in the past, or have questions, please set up a time to meet with the Tutorial Center Coordinator. 
Private Tutor Directory: The Tutorial Center maintains a list of (adult) private tutors as well as peer private tutors, who offer tutoring services for a fee. The average fees charged by adult private tutors range from $30-$100/hour. Many private tutors listed also serve as volunteer tutors in the Tutorial Center.  Let me know if you know of qualified private tutors whom you might wish to refer to me. Since these directories are continually being updated, please refer parents/students interested in private tutors to Nancy Rafati at
Funded by MVLA High School Foundation