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Mountain View High School

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Tutors Available


VC = Volunteer
VP = Volunteer and Private
RT = Retired Teacher
Tutors available by appointment 7:30 - 3:45
Private Tutor Directory: The Tutorial Center maintains a list of (adult) private tutors, who offer tutoring services for a fee.  Many private tutors listed also serve as volunteer tutors in the Tutorial Center. Let me know if you know of qualified private tutors whom you might wish to refer to me. Since these directories are continually being updated, please refer parents/students interested in private tutors to Nancy Rafati at



ADULT Tutors


TBD Dr. Andrew Jeung (VP) Bio, Chem, Physics, Math (All)
TBD Ms. Barbara Kingsley (RT) Chemistry (All)
TBD Mr. Cameron McClintock (VP) Physics, Computer Science, Math, Statistics
TBD Mr. Charles De Vogelaere (VP) Physics, Chem, French, Math (All)
TBD Ms. Christina Miller (VC) Biology, Chemistry, Japanese, English
TBD Ms. Connie Kim (VC) French I-II, English/ELD
TBD Mr. David Gross (VP) Chem, Physics, Math, Stat, Econ
TBD Mr. Don McCauley (VC) Physics, Math (All)
TBD Ms. Elisa Kung (VC) Business, Accounting, Finance, Econ
TBD Mr. Gordon Sasamori (VC) Japanese (All), Math
TBD Ms. Grace Lee (VC) Math (All), Study Skills
TBD Ms. Jane Babicz (VC) Eng/Writing/ELD
TBD Dr. Jane Sun (VC) ELD
TBD Ms. Jeanie Ramos (VC) Bio, Spanish (All)
TBD Dr. Jeff Sugarman (VC) French (All)
TBD Mr. Jim Leonard (MV alum) Physics, Math (All), Statistics
TBD Mr. Jon Leonard (MV alum) Bio, Chem, Physics, Math (All), Statistics
TBD Ms. Kara Sanchez (VC) Spanish, ELD, English, History, Study Skills
TBD Mr. Ken Allen (VC) Math (All), Computer Science, Physics
TBD Mr. Kimble Smith (VP) Math, Physics
TBD Mr. Larry Friedrich (VP) Chem, Physics, Math (All), Statistics
TBD Ms. Laurel Smith (VC) Spanish, ELD, Math
TBD Dr. Marilyn Winkleby (VC) Medicine, College Essay Writing
TBD Mr. Marty Rosales (VC) Study Skills, ELD
TBD Mr. Mateo Angel Morales (VC) Spanish, ELD
TBD Dr. Pete Dunten (VP) Math (All), Chem, Bio, Physics, Computer Science, Engl
TBD Mr. Philip Ting (VC) Physics, Bio, Chem, AP Computer Science, Math (All), Stats
TBD Mr. Rich Tsoi (VC) Math, Computer Science
TBD Dr. Richard Roy (VC) Physics, Science, English, Math (All)
TBD Mr. Richard Woolley (VC) Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry
TBD Dr. Robert Horowitz, MD (VC) Biology, Chemistry, Math (All)
TBD Ms. Sara Boadwee (VP) College essay writing
TBD Ms. Sarah Duggan (VC) Eng/Writing/ELD, History, Econ, Civics, Bio
TBD Ms. Sharon Gross (VP) English/ELD, History, Econ, Civics, College Essay Writing
TBD Mr. Stephen Glim (VC) Physics, Computer Science (C++, Python, Java), Math (All)
TBD Mr. Terry Hayes (VC) Chem, Physics, Math
TBD Dr. Trish Morley (VP) Math (All), Stats, Study Skills, Test Taking Skills
TBD Mr. Warren Horowitz (VP) Math (All), Physics, Chem, Bio, History, English
TBD Ms. Zheng Wei (VC) Chinese (All), Math, Statistics, Economics



ADULT Tutors

By Appointment Only


By Appointment Ms. Alessandra Callegher English/ELD
By Appointment Ms. Alice Householder N/A
By Appointment Dr. Amnon Chalzel Chem, Physics, Math
By Appointment Ms. Anita Wood N/A
By Appointment Ms. Anna Michaud French, English, History, College Essay Writing
By Appointment Ms. Anne De Boisset French (All)
By Appointment Ms. Anthea Chung N/A
By Appointment Dr. Champa Sridhar N/A
By Appointment Ms. Christine Suginra English, Japanese, ELD
By Appointment Mr. Christopher Robinson Biology
By Appointment Mr. Corey Wilson N/A
By Appointment Mr. Darwin Poulos Chem, Physics, Math (All), Statistics
By Appointment Dr. David Aston Physics, Chemistry, Math (All)
By Appointment Dr. David Hannon Physics, English/ELD, Math
By Appointment Mr. David Leverenz Physics, Computer Science, Math (All)
By Appointment Mr. David Ortiz World History, US History, Econ, Gov, English
By Appointment Ms. Deborah Teasley Math (All)
By Appointment Ms. Donna Finlay Chemistry, Math (All), Statistics
By Appointment Mr. Ed Tang N/A
By Appointment Ms. Ekaterina Dontsova Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math (All)
By Appointment Ms. Elizabeth Lucero N/A
By Appointment Mr. Eric Belden Math (All), Eng/ELD, Technical Writing
By Appointment Dr. Frank Ho Physics, Math (All)
By Appointment Mr. Frank Robertson N/A
By Appointment Ms. Jacqueline Olson Spanish, German, English, Math
By Appointment Ms. Jennifer Caringella N/A
By Appointment Ms. Judi Fan N/A
By Appointment Dr. Karen Allendoerfer Biology, Chemistry, Neurosciences
By Appointment Mr. Karl Kneip Econ, Accounting, Finance, Business
By Appointment Dr. Kashi Nath Physics, Math (All), Statistics, English/ELD
By Appointment Ms. Kathy Nilsson N/A
By Appointment Ms. Katie Dunlap History, Eng/ELD, Psychology, Econ
By Appointment Ms. Kitty Uhlir N/A
By Appointment Ms. Lenore Clark English
By Appointment Mr. Michael Slack Eng/Writing/Speech/History/Drama/Singing
By Appointment Dr. Michele Parker Bio (All), Medicine, College Essay Writing
By Appointment Ms. Monica Srivastava N/A
By Appointment Mr. Randy Cook N/A
By Appointment Mr. Robert Freeman History, Econ, Writing
By Appointment Mr. Ron Wallace N/A
By Appointment Ms. Seika Lee N/A
By Appointment Mr. Steve Balas French
By Appointment Ms. Sylvie Thomas-Droz French, Chemistry, Math
By Appointment Ms. Teresa Trowbridge Physics, Math (All), English, Civics
By Appointment Mr. Terry O'Donnell English/Writing, Math
By Appointment Mr. Umesh Shukla N/A
By Appointment Dr. Veronique Gobry French
By Appointment Ms. Victoria Garza Spanish, English, History, Arts