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Course Catalog

Course Catalogs serves as a course selection guide for students and parents who are seeking information about courses at Mountain View High School. The catalogs are published annually and reflects the most current offerings; however, it cannot be assumed that every course listed here is offered each semester. Core courses for graduation and entrance to the University of California and California State Universities are always offered. Elective courses are offered based on student sign-ups and the availability of qualified teaching staff.
As a basic planning tool, the handbooks features brief descriptions of courses offered and a listing of high school graduation and college entrance requirements. The Course Catalogs are intended to be used together with other supplementary materials. Using these resources in conjunction with the support of their parents or guardians and counselors, students will be able to design a course schedule that reflects their interests and aptitudes and meets their post-high school goals.
Mountain View High School encourages and welcomes the continuous participation of parents during this planning process and throughout students’ high school years. Parents are partners in the educational process and their active participation is key to students’ success.