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Non-Departmental Course Information Sheets

2023-24:  Ambassadors Class

The Ambassadors Course is designed to empower student leaders as role models for freshmen, transfer, ELD and immigrant students, enabling them to build school culture and community. In addition, Ambassadors aims to develop students’ leadership skills, especially in the areas of communication, organization, and problem-solving. 
The course has three main goals:
  • support the well-being of our students
  • build identity safety within and outside the classroom to unlock the full academic potential of all students
  • build a more resilient, inclusive, and supportive climate on campus

2023-24 Associated Student Body

Course Description: This course is designed to develop leadership skills in students, to help students develop as moral and ethical leaders on our campus, and to foster communication, diversity, and equity among our student body. In this course students will focus on individual and group goal setting and decision making, selfawareness, group processes and facilitation, finance, communication, community building, conflict resolution and citizenship. Through the course of our class we will ask and answer the following questions: What is a Leader? What type of community would we like to create? How can we make a positive difference in our community? What are our goals and strengths? How can our mission best guide our activities? What will be our legacy?