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English Language Development Information Sheets

2023-24:  ELD I Literature & ELD 1 Oral

ELD Content Standards: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
Reading:  Students will engage with complex texts to build knowledge across the curriculum.  They will read and comprehend both literary and informational texts looking at grammar, vocabulary, multiple levels of meaning, author’s purpose, genre conventions and figurative language.
Writing: Students will use evidence to inform, argue and analyze.  They will share information to help readers understand a topic or concept, presenting arguments logically to defend interpretations or judgments, and craft written language to achieve their purposes.  They will use evidence, analyze information and conduct research. Students will cite specific evidence in defense of the claims and consider the strength of evidence of others. By engaging in research students will learn to ask questions and solve problems independently.  
Speaking and Listening:  Students will work together collaboratively, understand multiple perspectives and present ideas.  They will listen critically and participate actively in cooperative tasks. Students will build upon others’ ideas, articulate their own ideas and confirm their understanding through informal, collaborative group interactions and formal presentations that integrate information from oral, visual, quantitative, and media sources for different audiences, task, purposes, and disciplines.  Students will interpret information and explain how it contributes to target topics, texts and issues. They will present claims and finding by sequencing ideas logically and use pertinent description, facts and details to accentuate main ideas or themes. Students will use strategies such as focusing on relevant parts of a message, making predictions, and monitoring their comprehension.  Students will use interactional competence to participate in the social context of the classroom, negotiating, constructing, and challenging norms of interaction.

2023-24:  ELD II Literature & ELD II Oral

ELD Content Standards: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
1.Reading:Engaging with complex texts to build knowledge across the curriculum:  Students will discern and extract meaning of text. For example, students will demonstrate their application of comprehension of reading in their speaking and writing with emerging language to show their understanding of new concepts and discern important information from a text. 
2. Writing: Using evidence to inform, argue and analyze: Students will effectively verbalize and write to demonstrate an understanding of literature as well as informational text through the use of academic language. A focus will be on preparing students to ask questions and solve problems independently.  ELs not only face the common obstacles all students experience in attempting to gather, manage, and organize the flow of information; they also must analyze and evaluate what they read while negotiating a second language.
3. Speaking and Listening:Working collaboratively, understanding multiple perspectives, and presenting ideas:   
Students will use communicative strategies to create and present their ideas with emerging complex vocabulary through writing and speaking. They will demonstrate knowledge by building upon others’ ideas, then articulate their own ideas through constructing questions, using sentence stems and academic language to increase their emerging academic vocabulary, maintain and refer to an updated vocabulary notebook in daily work Example: Students will share stories of their cultural heritage and compare them to the American culture. Students will develop an understanding of the importance of classroom community, of working with peers to accomplish common goals and of taking personal responsibility to complete their own work.

2023-24:  ELD III Literature

ELD 3 Literature is a challenging course for the English language learner.  The course will support students in the development of their academic language skills.  This class will introduce and reinforce the content standards in the four domains of the English Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.  Students will have more extensive practice in building background knowledge, vocabulary, grammar, and discussion skills. Students will use technology for classwork, homework, and research.  Students will become familiar with short stories, plays and short novels.