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Spring Lunch Volunteering

Welcome back to MVHS for a new and improved pizza cart!  We're excited to be debuting new signage and a new and consistent lunch flow that ticks all the boxes for federal nutrition and food safety requirements.

If you've never volunteered for pizza cart before, it's a QUICK and EASY way to be involved in your teenager's day, and a great way to meet new parents.  Volunteering takes less than an hour (normally much less), and we're always looking for help.

  • Load and move pizza carts, and carts for fruit / milk to the front of the gym.
  • Back to the kitchen to wash hands and glove up; once gloved up, volunteers who are handing out pizza should try not to touch anything except pizza, pizza boxes, pizza bags, and paper.
  • Two volunteers will ensure that students take fruit or vegetables (or, if experienced, scan student IDs). To meet federal nutritional requirements, students MUST TAKE FRUIT OR VEGETABLE TO GET PIZZA.
  • Four volunteers will serve pizza. We no longer prep pizza ahead of time -- volunteers who are handing out pizza will put a piece of parchment paper under each slice as they serve.
  • When lunch is finished, wipe down the carts and return them to the kitchen.

If we have four or fewer volunteers, we only staff a single pizza cart.

Our volunteer coordinator will be happy to answer any questions for new or returning volunteers.