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Your Contributions Are Helping to Fund These Programs and Activities at MVHS!



Campus Improvements
MVHS PTSA funds initiatives that improve the MVHS campus experience and enviornment for our community.
Student Daily Organizers/Planners
The PTSA provides daily planners to all Freshman students.  We have received excellent feedback from previous Freshman students about how useful the planners are in keeping them on track with their many academic, athletic, and extracurricular commitments and in helping them adjust to high school.
Student Club Grants
The PTSA provides grants to a variety of studeny clubs and activities to support their success. Some of the clubs supports are ASB (Associated Student Body), Robotics, Science Olympiad, Japan Club, Speech and Debate Club, Spartan Buddies and more.
Departmental Support
Funding is provided by the PTSA for various departmental needs, subsidizations, and special projects to support our teachers and students.
Spartan Pause/Student Wellness
Spartans PAUSE aims to provide opportunities for students to develop life skills that will serve them beyond the school years, like self-care, balancing work and play, creating healthy relationships and strengthening their sense of connection, belonging and community involvement.
PTSA funds technology, books, magazine subscriptions, and online databases.
Staff Appreciation
PTSA members provide welcome back breakfast, and three staff meals throughout the year as a thank you lunch to MVHS teachers and staff.
Emergency Preparation          
Supplies water bottles and snacks each year for emergency use.
Freshman Orientation
PTSA funds the lunch in August for freshman and new students.
Senior Graduation Awards Night
Seniors and their families enjoy refreshments after the Awards celebration. 
Freestyle Academy
Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts and Technology is an on-campus alternative discipline challenging students to be creative and imaginative with communicating their ideas. The students produce art for larger project-based units through multimedia visual and audio formats. PTSA funds help pay for food and drink for exhibitions in February and May and at graduation.
SPED Programs 
Life skills instruction for Special Education students combines academic, daily living, occupational, and interpersonal skills to teach students how to live and work in the community. PTSA funds help pay for items needed to assist students with social skills and generalizing life skills/functional academics.