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How do I find out if my address belongs to the MVHS attendance area?
How do I know which Assistant Principal is assigned to my student?
What are the school's office hours? 
  • The ADMINISTRATION webpage on our website lists office office hours and contact information. Office hours are generally 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (Mon.-Fri.).
How do I contact my student's teacher? Where do I find their contact information?
  • You can find any staff member's phone number and email at the STAFF DIRECTORY webpage on our website.
Where can I find information about school events?
Where can I find information about the school's sporting events?
Where can I find the Bell schedule?
  • The BELL schedule page that is listed on our website.
If there is a different Bell schedule other than the usual, where can I find out what Bell Schedule the school is on for that day?
  • The calendar of events that is listed on our website on the homepage under MVHS SCHOOL CALENDAR will be the place to locate what Bell schedule we are on for the day, if it is any different than the usual schedule.
Is MVHS an Open Campus?
  • Yes, students may leave campus when they are not assigned to a class or during lunch.
What do I need to do if I want to visit the MVHS Campus?
  • All visitors, including parents, must register in the Attendance Office to obtain a visitor’s pass and parking permit. Non-MVHS students are not allowed on campus without prior approval of an assistant principal. Requests for social visits by nonstudents will be denied. Trespassers may be arrested. Visitors should be prepared to present photographic identification when they come on campus. For more information refer to MVHS PARENT|STUDENT HANDBOOK.
How do I do I request an Education Verification?