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The Tutorial Center provides a welcoming environment with peer tutors and industry volunteers working side-by-side, encouraging lifelong learning all while developing a foundational understanding of the core curriculum. If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Rafati at




Review Math Lab?  (see tutorial videos)


Angle Relations by Sebastian


Distance Formula by Simryn


Slope and Graphing Equations by Allison


Transformations by Eveline


Laboratorio de Matemáticas? Dale un vistazo a estos videos hechos por nuestros tutores!


Relaciones de Ángulos Traducido y producido por Mateo 

Fórmula de Distancia Traducido y producido por Mateo 

Pendientes y Graficar Ecuaciones Traducido y producido por Mateo 

Transformaciones Traducido y producido por Mateo 



Algebra and Geometry Review Days



Math Review Days flyer in English


Math Review Days flyer in Spanish 


Drop-in anytime Wed 3:00-4:30.

Miércoles de 3:00 a 4:30. 


Essay Writing Days 


The College Essay, Writing, and Math Review Days have demonstrated remarkable collaboration between teachers, counselors, parents, students, and the greater community. Students expressed sincere appreciation.

MVHS students appreciate your support. Special thanks to 14 amazing volunteer tutors who reviewed essays for 90 students who signed up online for free help with essays. Most students requested 3rd rounds of 1:1.


Our volunteers' effort resulted in students who feel both confident and competent with:

  • Writing
  • Math
  • Science
  • UC personal insight questions
  • Common App prompts
  • The “why” essay
  • Foothill, SJSU, and even the Stanford App Questions


Funded by MVLA High School Foundation